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I don't know why but today I just want to write in english and... you have to cope with it... or not ^.~

I never thought I would ever say this... but I'm sooo glad to be back in school!! Really... I've been in placement for the last five weeks and it was sooo damn fuckin' exhausting... Today I've been back in school and I.... I loved it... Sitting next to my best friend, talking with her, making fun! And even the lessons where quite enjoyable...

Well... the other half of the way wasn't that good!

I had my weekly appointment with my psychologist and I have to say it was quite hard this time.... but that's ok^^

Actually I'm quite tired now but I want to see Queer as folk so I have to decide wether I go to bed and sleep (wich would probably be the best) or wait until 0.00 am and wach it....

I'll see^^

 So everyone who reads this (not that I really believe someone does)

Have a nice day/evening/night (whatever fits best to the time you read this)

 Bye bye


23.10.06 21:40


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